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Welcome to Samuel Adegboyega University It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa, Edo State, Nigeria. This is an Institution established to raise knowledge driven and godly generation that will redefine the future of the world. Samuel Adegboyega University came into existence through prophetic ministration on January 1, 2005. Subsequently, the University Core Committee (UCC) was inaugurated by the Proprietor of the University, The Apostolic Church, LAWNA Territory in September, 2005 and charged with the responsibility of setting up a university for the Church.

As an emerging world class university, we have ensured that only the best is good for the society. Discipline, wholesome and godly education have remained our principles. The teaching and non-teaching staff of this citadel of learning are resolute in producing total graduates that will become global players. The unwavering commitments and unflinching sacrifices of our staff are admirable. This explains why our graduates are doing extremely well around the globe. I am proud. As an Institution that emphases quality, I urge you all to see Samuel Adgboyega University (SAU) as a first choice destination. Whenever you think university education, think SAU. This website takes you round our activities and other information you my desire. Thank you.

Prof. IDOWU, A. Babatunde



All of our academic programs at Glorious Vision University are student-centered, innovative and creative. You’ll be inspired to question, think critically and explore whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree


Looking for a modern, energetic and diverse environment built with you in mind? Look no further than GVU. GVU gives you access to extraordinary academics, caring faculty and endless opportunities.

Life in GVU

Get to know how life is in Glorious Vision University starting from various Sporting Activities, Cultural Activities and Intellectual Activitie .

Why Glorious vision University?

We are the private university of choice in Nigeria

Serene Enviroment

GVU is located in a peaceful and tranquil environment which makes it conducive for total concentration on your studies

Graduate in 4 years time

The GVU calendar is not truncated by industrial action of any sort which gives you the proper setting to plan your life

Highly Competent Staff

We pride ourself with the best set of teaching and non-teaching staff who contribute to grooming you to become the best of yourself

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