College of Basic and Applied Sciences

The College enjoys modern and well equipped laboratories and other facilities available in the institution which are utilized to train students and equip them with academic and professional knowledge.

The College of Basic and Applied Sciences was established in the 2011/2012 Academic Session as one of the three startup Colleges of Glorious Vision University, Ogwa, Edo State.

The College presently, has three departments: Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Mathematics and Physical Sciences with a strong desire to provide a broad and balanced foundation which empowers the students with knowledge and practical skills and prepare them for a successful career, and a solid academic base for more advanced degrees (M.Sc., Ph.D.), if so desired.

Professor (Mrs.) F. M. Ogbe
DEAN OF College of Basic and Applied Sciences

Philosophy Of The College

The philosophy is to inculcate in the students the centrality of Sciences to technological development and human well-being and its application in the understanding of all the other branches of sciences. It aims at encompassing not only educational but cultural, social and political development, thereby contributing to the building of national identity and integrity

Objectives of the College

The objectives of the College are, to:
1. Provide broad training in the Sciences i.e. Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry;
2. Offer for freedom of choice for students, to forage in the wilderness of accumulated human knowledge for self-realization and actualization;
3. Acquire skills for competence in one’s chosen field of study;
4. For interdisciplinary orientation to imbibe the salutary rewards of inter-disciplinary approach to the solution of complex life problems;
5. Be relevant, ensure acceptability and provide service to society.

COLBAS Departments

Biological Sciences


Chemical Sciences


Mathematical and Physical Sciences