Chemical Sciences

Dr. Moses Onigbinde
HEad of department
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The Department of Chemical Sciences was established in 2011/2012 as one of the three startup departments in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, (COLBAS) of Glorious Vision University, Ogwa, Edo State.

The Department currently runs the B. Sc. (Hons) degree programme in Industrial Chemistry with a strong desire to provide a broad and balanced foundation which empowers the students with knowledge and practical skills in preparation for a successful career and to provide a solid academic base upon which to build more advanced degrees (M.Sc., Ph.D) if so desired.

The Department enjoys modern and well equipped laboratories and other facilities available in the institution which are utilized to train students and equip them with academic and professional knowledge.

Philosophy of the Programme

The philosophy is to inculcate in the students the centrality of chemical sciences to human well-being and its application in the understanding of all the other branches of sciences.

Objectives of the Programme

The objective of the programme in Chemical Sciences are:
a. To stimulate in the students sustained interest and enthusiasm in chemistry and its applications.
b. To build in the students a culture of continuing enquiry.
c. Develop in the students a range of skills applied in chemical and non-chemical areas that can provide confidence for employment.
d. Inculcate in the students appropriate skills and abilities to manage and administer technological operations within the field of chemistry and allied areas.

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