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Dr. Barry Sunday Iyare
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Computers and computing are an integral part of our lives today. Computing is revolutionizing the process of research, development, and discovery in all fields, including engineering and science. The societal impact of computing continues to increase as computers become more ubiquitous and broadly accessible. Meanwhile, the foundations of computing also continue to change at a rapid pace. New technologies, such as Nanotechnologies, multi-core processors, mobile computing, and cloud computing are reshaping the landscape of computing, and new challenges are emerging as computer science becomes increasingly multidisciplinary. Leading-edge skills in Computer Science are in increasing demand by employers across a wide range of industries. A strong Computer Science department is essential to Glorious Vision University’s mission to become a world-class research university that prepares students that can be globally competitive and able to contribute to the advancement of society.

Philosophy of the Programme

The philosophy of the undergraduate programme in the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences is to train all the students in the methods and techniques of independent research as a means of developing skills needed for critical thought about issues in computer science and mathematics, that will be beneficial to the community, industry, government and the country at large; with a strong desire to achieve an enviable level of professionalism and entrepreneurship while maintaining good academic background, germinating into valuable industry-university relationship

Objectives of the Programme

The syllabus for the B.Sc. computer science programme is intended to provide a unified view of the theories and applications of computer science. The products of this programme are equipped with the skill essential in solving mathematical and computational needs in the scientific, industrial, educational and business establishments. The Department also offers support services to other departments in and outside the College of Basic and Applied Sciences if and when the need arises. It is expected that in no distance future, these services will be extended to the scientific and business establishments outside the University environment.
In particular, the purpose, aims and objectives of bachelors honours degree programme in Computer Science include:
1. To create in students the awareness of and enthusiasm for computer and its capabilities.
2. To involve the students in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.
3. to provide a broad and balanced foundation in computer science knowledge and practical skills.
4. To develop in students through an education in computer science a range of transferable and applicable skills of information technology (IT) to all aspects of human endeavours.
5. To generate in students an appreciation of the importance of computer in an industrial, economic, technological and social context.
6. To provide students with knowledge and skills base for further studies in computer science or multi-disciplinary studies involving computer science.
7. Foster individual enrichment, community involvement and cultural opportunities.

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