History & Diplomatic Studies

Dr. Felix Oghi
HEad of department
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The Department of History & Diplomatic Studies was established in 2011 as one of the pioneer departments in the university. At inception, the department admitted only two students, while Dr. (now professor) Victor Ukaogo was the pioneer Head of Department. The two pioneer students and one Direct Entry Student (2012) graduated in 2015. Student population in the current session is 10.

The department offers a wide variety of courses, such as Historiography & Philosophy of History, African History and Politics, European History, International Relations and Diplomacy, Strategic Studies, International Political Economy, etc.

The primary goal of the department is to produce abysms of knowledge with profound understanding of the historical forces that have shaped the Nigerian society and Africa, and also the fundamental issues, currents, and dynamics in world politics and economy. Specifically, the department seeks to produce versatile, self-confident and courageous graduates well-fortified for the task of nation-building.

On the part of the academic staff list of the department are very competent and dedicated scholars under the progressive leadership of Dr. Felix Oghi.

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