Public Administration

Dr. Egualaye Oaikhena
HEad of department
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The Department of Public Administration was established, preparatory to 2013/2014 academic session, as one of the newly introduced departments in the College of Management and Social Sciences (COLMASS) of Glorious Vision University.

Philosophy of the Programme

The philosophy of the department is to create in students, leadership spirit that will launch them into the world of ideas and initiatives needed for national and global growth. The department has put in place all necessary facilities both in terms of manpower and infrastructure.

Objectives of the Programme

The department has the following objectives:
i. To enhance interpersonal skills that will enable students to recognise, understand and appreciate the diversity in human behaviour;
ii. To provide the highest quality of instruction that will result in employment or entrance to graduate school;
iii. To help students develop analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills, which would enable them to explain human behaviour generally and apply their knowledge to practical situations;
iv. To produce personnel that are competent to manage complex relations in the ever changing bureaucracy and growing business environment and;
v. To produce middle and top-level bureaucrats, as well as managers for Nigeria and the international community.

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