GVU Farm

We understand that a nation well fed will be able to think about the general development of the country. To achieve this, enormous efforts have to be put into agriculture in order to achieve food security not just for the comfort of the stomach but also for the development of the country as it is an aspect of economic diversification. To this end, Glorious Vision University has taken agriculture seriously with extensive research being carried out to improve crop variety, crop production and food availability. Also, the university engages in sales of agricultural products especially rare species of certian crops.


The University farm apart from handling agricultural activities also operates to coordinate the maintenance of the pysical environment in terms of soft landscape features establishment and maintenance, bush clearing and control of insect pests(fumigation).

Production and processing of arable and permanent crops also form the core of our agricultural activity. Linkage with research institutions gave access to improve seedlings of cassava, maize and plantain.

In partnership with the federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,we are able to provide oil palm seedlings at subsidized prices to local farmers in our surrounding states.

Extension activities to farmers in our localities gave oppurtunity of spreading improved seeds of cassava, maize, plantain and Rice to the local community

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