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Few years ago, one of the telecommunication operators in Nigeria launched a media campaign with the central theme, “Leave Good Behind”. The theme of this campaign captures the need for humans in all spheres of life to leave lasting impression in any environment they work or live.

Unarguably, ‘Leaving good behind’ is one of the cardinal principles of advanced societies which place them far above others. The proponents of this principle insist that it achieves two things:

  1. it teaches the younger generation the glory associated with service
  2. it leaves a footnote of what you represent in the circle you once belonged

This same principle was the compass that led to the establishment of Glorious Vision University, Ogwa, Edo State by the Apostolic Church, in 2011. The Church leadership saw university education as one of the ‘good’ systems it must bequeath to generations yet unborn.  To institutionalize this principle, the Governing Council and the Management of Glorious Vision University developed a social architecture to encourage individuals within and outside the University community to donate graciously to the growth of the Institution. This social architecture is christened the GVU Trust Fund.

Upon assuming office in 2020, the Vice Chancellor, Professor A. Babatunde Idowu, and his team, refaced the Trust Fund to make allowances for robust activities. This has encouraged some early birds.

As a response to the call to ‘leave good behind’, Professor  F.M. Ogbe of the Biological Science Department in the University, came knocking. Few weeks ago, she saw the need to support the publicity drive of the University. Swiftly, Professor Ogbe contacted an advertising company in Enugu through the Media and Publicity Committee to redesign the University billboard. Within three days of developing the design, she mobilized the Committee to print and mount the billboard at Ogwa junction. Today, this billboard stands gallantly and beautifully at the main junction leading to the University. The billboard design will be adopted for use in about 30 states in Nigeria and Abuja. If you ask me, this design will win the 2021 Best African Aesthetics Value Award.

A walk to Ogwa Junction, reminds all of us the need to leave good behind. As Prof. Ogbe will always say, “this University is deserving of our best”. According to her, “doing your best for the system is where the honour lies”.

Today, you must decide on which side of history you will be found when the dust settles. What will you be remembered for? But as you reflect, remember that the easiest thing to say is, “it does not concern me; after all, I will soon leave the school”. Regrettably, we forget for a second that the proprietors have continued to toil since 2011 to meet their monthly obligation, even during the 2020 nationwide lock down.

Therefore, think GVU today.

Congratulations to ‘Mama GVU’

Professor F.M. Ogbe is a Professor of Biological Sciences and the current Dean of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences and the Director of Academic Planning. Mrs. Ogbe is the oldest Professor in the University. She joined the University in 2011 and was among the senior academics who planted some of the most viable academic traditions that the University enjoys today.

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