School Events


Keeping fit is a necessity for man, hence in GVU, both members of staff and students are encouraged to participate in various sporting activities like football, basketball, volleyball. To this end, different football matches have been organized for the female and male football teams.

To spice things up, football matches are organized between local football team and the school team for both male and female clubs.


Nigeria as a country is culturally rich and GVU as an institution located in Nigeria is filled with people from different cultural background. To avoid losing these cultures in our corporate world, cultural events are organized where traditional meals are prepared ranging from Oha soup & starch, Afang soup, pounded yam and eforiro, white soup and so many more. Students also dress in their colourful native attires and cultural songs become the order of the day to which cultural dance steps are performed.

Social Events

In GVU, we do not groom students to be anti-social because it is our desire that our students are active social beings as much as they are academically sound. Hence, series of social activities are lined up for every semester such as student week, departmental associationu2019s week like AMCOSS (Association of Mass Communication Students), NESA (Nigerian Economic Student Association), Chemical society of Nigeria to mention a few.

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